Friday, September 26, 2008

A Bag Hag

Hi my name is Tanya, I am a bag hag.

I am admittedly addicted to bags (and shoes, but that's for another post altogether). 

I love all kinds of bags. Cheap ones, expensive ones, leather, fabric, canvas, nylon, local, imported, etc. etc.

I am emotionally incapable of saving
 money for rainy days, but I will save money for a bag.

I'm not as brand conscious as some people think I am. So long as the bag "speaks" to me (esthetically, functionally, monetarily) I will buy it. My latest purchase is a blue tote from Graphic Design Lifestyle:

Cute, cool and all for P450

But to be honest I have been eyeing some juicy eye-candy at Prada:
I love how Kelly from Bag Snob describes her initial reaction to this as "ewww...and then it grows on a sharpie". Hahaha. My sentiments exactly.

But at 90k++ it will remain eye-candy forever.

I read this article recently
and it made me laugh out loud. Damn, she sounds like me. And there are women in my daughter's preschool that look just like the women she describes (especially this one woman who is super pretty, super put-together, super nice, and has every conceivable Marc Jacobs bag released --- and not the Marc by Marc Jacobs ones but the nice "fancy" ones that go for 70k and up --- I'd hate her if she wasn't such a sweetheart). 

I'll never be one of those "glam" mommies with their neatly pressed clothes and fabulous handbags. I usually come to school with no make-up, in jeans and a shirt, and whatever handbag was spilling out of my closet at the time.

At least its something to aspire to eh?

Oh how my life has changed. From wanting to be the Marketing Director of a major bank to trying to be a Stepford wife/mom. What a difference a year makes.

P.S. To all the mommies out there may I recommend the Neverfull as the ULTIMATE mommy bag. It is functional and sturdy as hell. And at any given point can hold your wallet, cellphone, makeup case, keys, 13" laptop, ipod, 2 diapers, 1 juice bottle, change of clothes for your child and 2 small towels. Seriously. You might dislocate your shoulder carrying it but it will hold all this stuff. And don't ever EVER buy the Faux Real Tote by Marc Jacobs. The freaking thing peeled on me after 2 months. True I used it every day without fail and it went through sun, rain and a field trip with 15 3-year olds. But I pre-treated it with turtle wax and it still crumbled like a badly baked cookie. Grrr.....

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