Sunday, September 21, 2008


John and I have spent the entire weekend cleaning our room to make way for his new TV. 

Would it be strange to say that this made me very happy?

Well, for one thing, I am happy that we finally got to give our room the "scrubbing" that it badly needs. It hasn't really been thoroughly cleaned since that time John went to the US and I "imported" my mom's maids to give it the scrub down of a lifetime. That was 4 years ago.

The accumulated dust activated my allergic rhinitis which has completely devolved into a mild asthma attack. But the room is clean and this makes me smile (behind the pieces of tissue that are stuffed up my nose to stop the copious amounts of snot that is dripping from it).

And while we were cleaning the room, John and I spent most of the time talking. We had previously tried cleaning while there was a movie playing the background but this tends to distract us and you'll find us 2 hours later lying on the bed, surrounded by dirt, engrossed in whatever was playing on the telly. We can't agree what music is good to listen to while cleaning (I say happy R&B, he says 80's new wave --- which is the only kind of music he knows) so we can't do that either. 

This is nothing new. We talk all the time. We talk in the car. We talk while walking around the mall. We talk in the shower. We talk while having dinner. We like talking to each other.

We talk about everything: Pilar, movies, books,  gossip, friends, family, current affairs, work, religion, the past, the future, our hopes and dreams. We love to argue. We like to talk about how we're so different. We love it when we realize how alike we really are.

So while we cleaned, we talked. We talked. We laughed. We argued. We agreed. We laughed again.

And while I was sitting on the bed, obsessively rubbing silver polish on an old jewelry case his mom had given, he came over and sat beside me. He watched me for a few minutes and then he said: "You're the best friend I've ever had".

I told him: "I'm the ONLY friend you've ever had."

And we laughed some more.

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