Thursday, October 02, 2008

Friday Magic Madness

I was browsing through the fall collection of some designers today, and it struck me...lock you closet doors.......80's fashion seems to be making a come back.


The MC-hammer pants. 

Polka dots. 

The high waisted pencil cut skirt (with pleats!) that can't look good on anyone weighing more than 80 pounds. 

The over-sized shirt and leggings. 

Slicked-back Robert-Palmer's-Pepsi-commercial hair. 

The finger-less gloves. 

And two words that should never be together in the same sentence: baggy culottes.... 

Even if it is Commes des Garcons or Marc Jacobs -- it's still got a Madonna circa Material Girl/Like a Virgin vibe to me.

What's next? Waterfall bangs and the return of Aquanet? 

The only thing that should be coming back from the 80's is the music.

So while I'm willing to break out my Duran Duran and Rick Springfield albums (probably still on cassette) -- I'm sticking to Carolina Herrera-like white shirts and pants (I'd love to do the tucked-into-a-ballroom-skirt thingie but am 6 inches too short and 6 inches too wide for it). And 70's-like loose hippie chick clothes. The kind that hide body fat. Not emphasize it.

Ah fashion. Its hard enough for overweight chicks like me to cope with it, there' no need to be cruel and bring the scary form-fitting/unflattering 80's stuff back. 

Oh well, in the words of those 80's sages Devo: when a problem comes must whip it!

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