Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Remote Blogging (aka Pretending to Work While Blogging at the Office)

I wonder if this really works?

Schizophrenia at its finest

I'd forgotten about this blog.

I created it when I needed to vent about a fight with John and I didn't want to put the post on my friendster blog. Especially since it's supposed to be my "shiny, happy people" blog.

Still as the year went on I found myself posting more blogs on the friendster one (including my angst-filled-is-divorce-the-only-solution-left blogs about John) than on this one. And its funny to find this lone blog out of the many that I've written over the past year. I've kept it, not only because it's so dramatic in its content, but also because it's a little more me than the "shiny, happy" posts that are on my friendster page.

I wonder if this will be my only post here for 2007?