Wednesday, February 03, 2010

If you picture it.... it will come.

Well I was blog-stalking my friend Bessie, and I was tickled by her latest post on "visioning". She wanted to go to Bellarocca (who doesn't) and she kept a brochure of it in her bag and kept "seeing" herself there. Lo and behold she's off to Bellarocca this Valentine's day. Lucky gal!

John likes to think that other than the novena to the Holy Mother, I conditioned my own body to ovulate --- hence this new baby. I keep picturing myself with another baby and ta-daa: she's on her way.

So if seeing (and believing) can help things come into fruition, then these are the things that will be playing on slideshow in my mind for the rest of the year:

A healthy, happy, beautiful, intelligent and normal baby girl in June.

The iPad (with Wifi) in April. All apple haters --- please don't bother commenting. iWant.

Where John and I will spend our 10th year anniversary next year. 3 weeks of shopping, sightseeing, eating and no kids. Hahaha!

The alternative venue for our 10th year anniversary. Same itinerary.

The PS1. What I'm buying for myself for my birthday if I have any money leftover after giving birth and sending Pilar to Everest (highly unlikely? who knows?)

Our very own Frank Lloyd Wright-like house with ginromous backyard. This is a rolling target. Something that hopefully we can accomplish in the next 5 to 10 years. Are you reading this John? That's right buddy --- you've got a deadline.

But the most important thing to me (us) right now is the baby. So I keep seeing a long, closed cervix and a little bundle of pink that looks just like Pilar.

The rest can follow.

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