Saturday, August 30, 2008

Childhood: Take Two

Growing up we didn't really have a lot of money. My dad was just starting to make his mark in the pharmaceutical industry, and he and my mom had 4 kids. So most of their money went into the basics of every day living, and whatever little was left over had to be judiciously used to buy things for 4 kids. 

So my childhood was never the kind where I got every thing I wanted. I had to wait till Christmas or my birthday to get toys (and since I was born in December it gave my folks an excuse to rip me off and give me one of those "birthday-na-christmas-pa" gifts --- a tradition my husband has decided to continue to this day). 

Looking back now, I don't mind. It taught me to value and cherish the things I own. It also taught me that you can't have everything you want, but if you're patient sometimes you do get what you like. It also taught me to appreciate my parents and how hard they worked to provide us with the things we really needed, and sometimes wanted.

Oddly enough, it was only when I got older (much older) and when my parents had more money that I learned to be more demanding. A little too demanding.....I remember throwing a fit in Vegas one time because I kept insisting that my Dad buy me a pair of loafers, and he flat out refused --- regardless of how much I begged and whined. Looking back now I don't blame him. They were Gucci loafers. I was 17. (The nerve!!!!! Hahaha!!!)

What is the point of this note?

If there's one negative thing that came out of my childhood experience of not having every thing I wanted --- its the danger of spoiling my own child.

Don't get me wrong, Pilar is a wonderful kid. She has never been the type to whine when she doesn't get what she wants. And thankfully, she's never been the kind of kid that throws fits in toy stores when they don't get what they want. She can be reasoned with, and is very cooperative when you have to tell her to put something back on the shelf.

My husband always asks --- how much of it is the fact that she's a good girl, and how much of it is because of the fact that she doesn't really have to ask for anything?

I like to, uh, buy her stuff. Stuff she doesn't even ask for. May be even stuff she doesn't even really like. 

Who likes them? I do. :-)

Case in point: The My Fairy Bridesmaid Castle.


Pilar was so-so about it when she saw it. I was like: WOOOOOOWWWWWW!!!!!

And now she owns it.

Well we own it.

Ok, I own it.

I've spent the entire weekend playing with it. 

It's beautiful. It's interactive! It's fun.

I think I'm going into my second childhood.

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